Meet the Bevelsmith Team!

kristin, founder of bevelsmith - build a website for your frame store

Kristin holds a PhD in organic chemistry, but after working in research for 4 years, she left the bench for the computer.  She has been building websites for businesses small and large for about 5 years.  Kristin got the brain-wave to develop a website tool for frame stores after working with a number of small business owners.  Too often she found that local businesses can't afford the large up-front investment required to have a professional website developed, but at the same time lacked the time and resources to build websites themselves with the existing tools.  Bevelsmith was born out of a desire to create a turn-key website product that enables small business owners to build a website for their picture frame store in under 5 minutes.  When not working on Bevelsmith, Kristin relaxes with yoga and rock climbing, and loves traveling off the beaten track.  Too many pictures from her travels, too few frames in her home...

Heather is even more ridiculously over-educated than Kristin.  She holds a PhD in experimental condensed matter physics, and most recently completed her MBA at the San Francisco campus of the Wharton School.  This latest degree represents her completion of 29th grade.  She plans to put this degree to use for Bevelsmith, making sure this site provides the best possible tool for independent picture frame store owners.  She is an voracious reader and serious journal-keeper, and finds that her greatest joy in life is to photograph her 3-year-old daughter and hang said photographs on any remaining open space in her home and office.  Heather loves to travel with her family, and eat super spicy food!



Chris is the computer guru who provides technical support for much of the software development for Bevelsmith.  He has been developing enterprise software for Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years, but still finds plenty of time for surfing and enjoying the beauty of southern California.