July 3, 2013
Bevelsmith is proud to announce that we will be advertising our website tool for picture framers in the Framer's Corner of the PPFA website. If you want to check it out on the Framers Corner, you may have to refresh the page a couple of times before it cycles through. Otherwise here it is:
June 18, 2013
In addition to our placing an ad in the Distributor Spotlight section, Bevelsmith was featured in the Industry News section of the June issue of Picture Framing Magazine.  Here is an exerpt of the feature: "By using website templates, Bevelsmith saves framers tie and money by having the web development already complete. 'Small business owners wear a lot of different hats. One of the last things they want to deal with is an expensive, time-consuming website'... "Optimized for search engines and for mobile and tablet devices, Bevelsmith websites offer a variety of contemporary designs and allow...
picture frame store website
May 16, 2013
We're happy to announce two of our latest customers (we're international!) - Fast Frame Solana Beach (California, USA) and Vanuffelen Framing (North Island New Zealand).  We couldn't be happier to be working with two such great professional framers. Patrick Conrad of Fast Frame has been framing treasured art and keepsakes in Solana Beach for over 10 years.  Kai Vanuffelen has been framing for over twenty years and has a number of Guild Commended Framer certifications. Both Kai and Patrick got their sites up and running within a week of signing up for the Bevelsmith product.  Pretty fast for a...
picture frame store website art world news
April 25, 2013
Bevelsmith got a nice writeup in the March issue of Art World News (page 28).  Titled "Bevelsmith Offers Turnkey Website Solutions for Frameshops", here is an excerpt: "Website designer Kristin Brinner and her two partners have launched Bevelsmith, a turnkey solution for frameshops that allows them to customize a website for their store in approximately 15 minutes. “We know that small business owners wear a lot of different hats, and one of the last things they want to deal with is an expensive, time-consuming website,” says Ms. Brinner. The Bevelsmith solution allows a framer to sign up...
picture frame store website google maps
April 5, 2013
Did you recently open a new picture frame store? If so, you should make sure that your business is mapped correctly with Google Maps. If your business has existed for a while and is already mapped by Google, you should be sure to claim your business with Google. Luckily this isn't hard and it should only take a couple of weeks before Google has your new business mapped correctly on Google Maps.  Here's a step-by-step guide for how to map your picture frame store with Google.  1. Go to Google Maps and click on 'Put your business on Google Maps' (and whoa - you can take a hike to Everst Base...
mobile ready picture frame website
March 20, 2013
If not, it should be.  Luckily, we at Bevelsmith have already taken this into account when we designed our product.  All of our websites are optimized for mobile and tablet devices.  And by optimized, we don't mean that the website simply shrinks down to fill the screen of whatever device your website visitor is using.  When viewing a Bevelsmith website on a mobile device, different page elements re-arrange themselves to maintain readability and prevent the user's need to pinch in or zoom out to view the website.  For example, compare the primary navigation when viewed on a desktop computer...
Blog for your picture frame store website
March 8, 2013
Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of small business owners like the phrase 'You should really have a blog'.  Honestly - you have 5 clients waiting for their picture frames to be finished, you've got to remember to call your Internet Service Provider about that annoying thing that keeps happening, and you're training a new employee.  If it's not any of these things taking up all of your time, it's definitely something else, and the last thing you want to do is spend some of your busy day blogging.   STOP.  Before you go any further down this line of reasoning, let us help you see the silver...
using Pinterest for your frame store website
March 4, 2013
It was about a year ago that our facebook feed starting getting flooded with people 'pinning' things.  We wondered what the heck was going on and why were so many people doing it?  We understood as soon as we signed up for a Pinterest account - it's highly addictive (one Bevelsmith team member who shall remain anonymous actually had a Pinterest dream) but it's also a great way to build your online community to promote your business.  Here's a quick Pinterest tutorial and then tips about how you can use it to promote your picture frame store's business.   What is Pinterest? Pinterest puts it...
picture frame store website showcase
February 28, 2013
We recently got some questions from people who tried out our product.  They wanted to know what exactly they could change in terms of the look and feel of their picture frame store website.  An excellent question! With the Bevelsmith platform, we make it easy for picture frame stores to quickly customize the look of their website to match their store's and logo's style.  To demonstrate just how flexible Bevelsmith is, we created a showcase of picture frame store websites - each created in mere minutes.   And these are just a few examples of the hundreds of possibilities.  Here's a breakdown...
failed marketing strategy for picture frame store websites
February 20, 2013
We recently read a great article on marketing and SEO titled 9 marketing strategies you must stop using - now. You should really go read it yourself to get the complete details, but one of their points was that that paying other people to manage your content and social media marketing is often not worth your money. We know that small business owners are extremely busy and wear many different hats.  One of the last things they want to worry about is updating their twitter feed or creating a blog post - they've got customers to help and picture frames to create. Unfortunately, creating...


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